2017 Board Members

Kay Kelsey

Lyna Medlock

First Vice-President (Programs)
Judy Pearson

Second Vice-President (Membership)
Gayle Bennett

Third Vice-President (Fundraising)
Kelly Ellington

Stephanie Hube

Assistant Treasurer
Mindy Fischer

Recording Secretary
Sharon Ohsfeldt

Corresponding Secretary
Terri Boatwright

Anne Truett

Membership Chair
Nancy Tapp

Finance Chair
Lyna Medlock

By-Laws Chair
Beth Webb

Public Relations Chair
Becky Coleman

Legislation Chair
Mary Ann Epperson

Campaign Chair/Volunteer Hours
Julie Etheridge

Ladies Day on the Hill Chairs
Julie Etheridge & Peggy Voeller

Barbara Trautman

Carol Henderson & Phyllis Vincent

Special Events Chair
June Meeting – Phyllis Vincent
December Meeting – Kathy White

Caring for America & Iris Fund
Rieta Selberg, Melinda Selberg, & Linda Miller

Voter Registration Chair
Pat Melvin

Area 9 Vice President
Peggy Larkin

IT Liaisons
Lindsey Donovan & Ruth Henderson

Christina See

Republican Party of Shelby County Liaisons
Lindsey Donovan & Judy Pearson

Directory Chair
Chris Norris

Immediate Past President
Millie Gump

Nominating Committee
Millie Gump, Chairman
Terri Boatwright
Linda Miller
Christina See
Ruth Henderson
Pat Scroggs, Alternate
Julie Etheridge, Alternate