President’s Welcome

Welcome to the Republican Women of Purpose website.

We are under the leadership of the National Federation of Republican Women and the Tennessee Federation of Republican Women. We diligently work to promote Republican candidates, and we support many local projects to encourage good values in our community. We take our purpose very seriously.

Annually we choose two schools in our community to distribute learning aides for elementary children.

This year, we are sending thank you letters to the Veterans Home in Humboldt, Tennessee. We also are supporting the Alpha Omega Urban Farm and Veterans Home. Additionally, we provide baby supplies that are distributed through the VA Hospital here in Memphis. We also provide assistance to two local homes for women who have been released from prison.

In the past, we have attended the Alpha Omega golf tournament as well as the Viet Nam Wall remembrance services for those who died in Viet Nam. We laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington, D.C., and joined the United States Marine Corps ceremony at 8th Street and I Street at the first Marine Corps Barracks in our nation. Our members are active in other local organizations and community projects too.

We are continuously looking for opportunities to promote capitalistic good government for our communities, cities, county and state.

We care deeply about ALL children in our community and believe each child should be given the opportunity to play outside in a safe neighborhood. We believe race, religion and financial standing should not be a factor in the educational standards for our children.

We support candidates that promote a hand up rather than policies that have not proven to benefit our children. We believe, reading, writing, arithmetic, civics and history should be priorities in local and state schools.

We support mayors, councilmen, and judges that support our police, sheriffs and district attorneys as they work to clean up our communities from rampant crime waves and urban blight. We would delight in seeing liberty return to our communities, so we are free to walk our streets and not be afraid.

Pam Proctor