President’s Welcome

Welcome to 2024!

This very important Election Year gives Republican Women of Purpose members the opportunity to show our commitment to the purpose of the Federation by electing and supporting Republicans.

The RW of Purpose Election Plan is to:

  • Expand voter registration, which we can do through YOUR VOTE MATTERS, a program started by TN Sec of State Tre Hargett. Through his website, you get access to much valuable information to extend voter registration efforts; from registering to vote on-line; to viewing all the 2024 dates and deadlines for each of the 3 elections in 2024; to downloading absentee ballots.
  • Focus on election integrity by recruiting poll watchers and poll workers. The Heritage Foundation studied election integrity in all the states and created an Election Integrity Scorecard that showed TN ranked in the top 10 on the scorecard. TN was actually ranked #1 and that #1 status was confirmed in Sec of State Tre Hargett’s 2022 Annual Report and reaffirmed in his 2023 Annual Report.
  • Bank your Vote by promoting voting early each day of early voting. Republicans will show our strength and unity throughout the county and this will set the tone for the remaining days of early voting and for Election Day itself.
  • Increase social media presence by posting voting information and reminders to influence voters on our social media platforms.

Let’s be sure that we don’t ever talk negatively about Republicans. Talking positively will help us attract Independents.

As we begin to work now, our plans will continue to unfold as the year goes on.

Let’s be ready!

Barbara Trautman, 2024 RW of Purpose President
901-262-682, [email protected]