Standing Rules


According to TFRW Bylaws, Article VI, Policy, Section 3, D. “Non-Republican political candidates…shall not be allowed to address the group or distribute political materials at…club meetings.” When RWOP does not have a definitive bylaw, we defer to TFRW or NFRW Bylaws.

In compliance with TFRW Bylaws, the Bylaws Committee renamed the STATEMENT OF POLICY section following the RWOP Bylaws to STANDING RULES. The items were numbered as Standing Rules and the following were added to the previously named Statement of Policy:

7. RWOP President or her proxy shall attend all State Board Meetings, State Biennial Convention, National Biennial Convention, and Shelby County Republican Party Steering Committee Meetings.

8. Any reimbursement request must be accompanied by a receipt and proper documentation. Expenses outside the budget must be approved by the Board.

9. The Program Chairman shall prepare and forward the program information and speaker’s bio to the Newsletter Chairman, the IT Chairman and the Public Relations Chairman no later than the Monday before the Board meeting.

10. The Public Relations Chair shall prepare a press release and submit it to the local media prior to each Luncheon Meeting.

11. Board Meetings are limited to Board members only, unless a member or guest is invited by the President to attend.

12. All correspondence from our club must be first approved by the President.

13. If a member, candidate, or guest wishes to distribute printed campaign materials or other printed materials, cards, invitations, etc. at one of our RWOP meetings, they must first have made their request and received approval by our president at least 24 hours before the meeting.

14. The General Membership meetings of RWOP are luncheon meetings and require a reservation for lunch which must be made in advance and are guaranteed. Members and non-members will be billed for reservations not kept. Attendees without reservations must wait to be seated until space availability has been confirmed by the Luncheon Chairman. When space availability is confirmed, the Luncheon Chairman will collect the cost of the luncheon and direct the attendee to their seat. The Luncheon Chairman will determine if the attendee without a reservation can be accommodated.

15. The President-elect shall work with the Planning and Development Committee to arrange the Leadership Training meeting for all members of her incoming Board of Directors.

These Standing Rules were approved by the RWOP membership at the March Luncheon Meeting. The full Standing Rules will be printed in the 2014 yearbook.